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New Mix: YleX S-Mix vol 4: Dembow Special

The Dominican style of dembow is a fast-paced revival of iconic Jamaican dancehall loops, which gained popularity in the DR in the 2000s just as Puerto Rican–based reggaetón was blowing up. Reggaetón shares the primary dembow sound: Jamaican-based riddims — referring to the instrumental of a song, it’s the Jamaican pronunciation for “rhythm” — and Spanish lyrics. The Dominican flavor is a local evolution of the sound, with beats incorporating, for example, Brazilian funk and hip-hop’s synthesized sounds.
Unlike most perreo tracks, which are in the 80 to 100 beats per minute (BPM) range, Dominican dembow rarely falls below 110 BPM, averages in the 120s and gets up to 140 BPM.

I did my fourth 30-minute guest mix for DJ Mista S show at YleX. This one is strictly Dominican Dembow. Artists like El Alfa are in the forefront of the movement and and it's slowly gaining more and more popularity around the world. Listennnnnn...

Tracklist (with DJ City links for deejays)

1. El Chevo - Tu Ta Loca

2. Lapiz Conciente - Mueveme Ese Culo (Remix)

3. Bulin 47 - Rapidito

4. Jenn Morel - Ponteme

5. Musicologo The Libro - Limonada Coco (Remix)

6. N-Fasis - Taka Taka (Remix) ft. La Materialista

7. Bad Bunny - La Romana ft. El Alfa

8. Lirico En La Casa - Marianela

10. Musicologo The Libro - Bum Bam Ven (Remix)

11. Lirico En La Casa & Atomic Otro Way - Muevelo

12. Darell & Chimbala - Temo Alante

13. El Alfa - Suave (Remix)

14. Lirico En La Casa - El Motorcito (Remix)

15. DJ Kass - Le Pons

16. GTA & Jenn Morel - Buscando

17. LaryOver, Liro Shaq & Quimico Ultra Mega - Mambo

19. Chimbala - Colombiana

20. Ceky Viciny - Culeteo ft. Black Jonas Point

21. Chimbala - Tumbala

22 .Liro Shaq - Dale Saoco

23. Quimico Ultra Mega - Trompeta

24. El Chevo - Me Patina El Coco

25. Crazy Design - Tembeleke ft. Liro Shaq

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