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Mixtape Archive

Overseas Hustle (Chapter One)
Overseas Hustle vol. 2
Overseas Hustle vol. 3
Merry Muthafucking Christmas
Overseas Hustle
Overseas Hustle
Fresh Outta Miami
Overseas Hustle vol. 8
The Break Thru
Finland 2 Orlando
Finland 2 Orlando part 2
Black Shades At Night
Fresh Outta Miami 2
Poe Boy International
Summer Heat vol. 1
Social Networkd Ruined My Life
Social Networks Ruined My Life
Females Welcomed vol 1
Females Welcomed vol. 2
Females Welcomed vol. 3
Females Welcomed vol. 4
Females Welcomed vol. 5
Mustard On The Beat Hoe
2 Hell & Back
Cool & Deadly
The Sexpendables
The Sexpendables
The Sexpendables
Blockfest Mixtape
Blockfest Mixtape
Blockfest Mixtape
Blockfest Mixtape
DOPE Guest Mix
Koko Kesä
Joka Kesä
Fall 2015
The Keys Of Christmas
Bad & Boujee
Club Warm-Up vol. 1
Love & Hip-Hop
Super Trapper
Issa Vibe
More Chune
The Original Bad Gyal
September Sunsets
November Issue
Winter Nights
January Supplies
Who Said Women Can't Rap
Getaway Playlist
Im Doin Supabien
YleX S-Mix
YleX S-Mix
YleX S-Mix
DJCity Podcast
The Princess Of RNB
Aaliyah Forever



Overseas Hustle: Chapter One (2009)

hosted by Jimmy HenneC & Bullet


Overseas Hustle vol. 2: Poe Boy Edition (2009)

with DJ Smokey Bear

hosted by Mista Mac & Billy Blue



Overseas Hustle vol. 3 (2009)

hosted by Streetz-N-Young Deuces

Overseas Hustle vol. 4 (2009)

Merry Muthafuckin Christmas

Overseas Hustle vol. 5 (2010)


​Overseas Hustle vol. 6 (2010)

Fresh Outta Miami (2010)

Overseas Hustle vol. 7

hosted by Jigg & C-Ride

Overseas Hustle vol. 8 (2010)

hosted by Lil Jon

The Break Through (2010)

Yung Trap x Ryan K

Hosted by DJ Mister Hustla

Finland 2 Orlando (2010)

Papa Duck x Deebo x Lost Child

hosted by DJ Mister Hustla



Finland 2 Orlando part 2 (2011)

Papa Duck

hosted by DJ Mister Hustla









Black Shades At Night (2011)

Dashius Clay

hosted by DJ Mister Hustla


Fresh Outta Miami 2 (2011)

hosted by YNG & Flyboi


Internet radio mix

Aired 23/7/2011


Internet radio mix

Aired 30/7/2011

Poe Boy International (2012)

hosted by Kulture Shock


Summer Heat vol. 1 (2012)

Presented by East Coast Digital Radio

Hosted by Katrina


Social Networks Ruined My Life (2012)

hosted by Ace Hood & Torch of MMG


Social Networks Ruined My Life vol. 2 (2012)

Females Welcomed vol. 1 (2013)

Females Welcomed vol. 2 (2013)

Trap Edition

Females Welcomed vol. 3 (2013)

Trap Edition

Females Welcomed vol. 4 (2013)


Females Welcomed vol. 5 (2013)

Strip Club Edition

Mustard On The Beat Hoe (2013)

The Best Of DJ Mustard

2 Hell & Bvck (2014)

Carl Thomas x DJ Mister Hustla

Cool & Deadly (2014)

hosted by Nyanda of Brick & Lace









Westside (2014)

hosted by Rene Brown

Skyline Mixtape (2014)

Promo mix for club night


The Sexpendables (2014)

DJ Misterhustla x DJ White Chocolate









The Sexpendables vol. 2 (2015)

DJ Misterhustla x DJ White Chocolate

The Sexpendables vol. 3 ​​(2016)

DJ Misterhustla x DJ White Chocolate


Blockfest Mixtape (2015)


Blockfest Mixtape (2016)


Blockfest Mixtape (2017)


Blockfest Mixtape (2018)


DOPE Guest Mix (2016)











Koko Kesä (2016)

Joka Kesä (2016)

Fall 2015 Unreleased (2016)

The Keys Of Christmas (2016)

Bad & Boujee Mixtape (2017)

Club Warm-Up vol 1 (2017)

2 hr mix

Love & Hip-Hop (2017)


Super Trapper (2017)

Issa Vibe (2017)

More Chune (2017)

Dancehall, afrobeats, latin only mix

The Original Bad Gal (2017)

The Best Of Rihanna

​September Sunsets (2017)


November Issue (2017)

Winter Nights (2017)


January Supplies (2018)

#AfroWave (2018)

Featured on DJCity EU blog

Who Said Women Can't Rap? (2018)

All female MC mix

Getaway Playlist (2018)

Im Doin Supabien (2018)

YleX S-Mix (2017)

March 2017

YleX S-Mix (2018)

March 2018

YleX S-Mix (2018)

Sounds From Namibia

September 2018

DJCity Podcast (2018)

The Princess Of RNB (2018)

Aaliyah Forever (2019)

The Best Of Aaliyah

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