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DJ Misterhustla joins Rane Ambassador team

Helsinki-based DJ Misterhustla has inked a deal with InMusic Brands and Rane to be the new Rane Ambassador in Finland and Scandinavian region. He joins the likes of DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Craze, Skratch Bastid, JFB, DJ Ronfa and other great DJ's worldwide.

"I've been using Rane products my whole career, starting from SL1 audio interface. Since 2014 I've played most of my gigs using their SIXTY-TWO battle mixer, which is definitely my favorite mixer of all time. I'm very thrilled to get my hands on the new SEVENTY mixer and the TWELVE MKII turntable controllers."

RANE Corporation was founded in 1981 in Washington State and has played a major role as an innovator in the DJ industry. InMusic (home to Akai, Denon, and other high-quality audio brands) bought the family business in 2016.

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